Earn Rewards for Your Referrals
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Connect startups with Webstarted’s exceptional IT and tech solutions and get rewarded!
Our Referral Program is here to thank you for introducing us to potential clients. Whether you’re an individual or represent a company, your referrals can now translate into cash rewards for you!

How it works


Submit Your Referral

Identify a startup or company that could benefit from our services and send their details to referrals@webstarted.com. Include comprehensive information about the startup, such as contact details and their specific needs.


We Take It from There

Our dedicated sales team will promptly review your referral and connect with you within 48 hours for any further details. We’ll then reach out to the referred startup with our tailored solutions.


Earn Your Reward

Once your referred startup becomes a client and completes their first payment, you become eligible to receive your referral fee. This eligibility extends to any revenue generated from the client in the first year since their introduction to us.

Additional Program Details

Referral Fee:You will receive a competitive percentage of the first year's revenue generated from the new client.

Tracking Your Referrals:For updates on the status of your referrals and payments, feel free to inquire via email.

Support:Our team is available to assist you with any questions throughout the process.


Why Engage in Webstarted’s Referral Program?


Build Relationships: Your referrals can significantly impact startups by connecting them with solutions that propel their growth.


Simple and Rewarding: Our straightforward and transparent approach ensures you are fairly and promptly rewarded for your valuable referrals.


Network Expansion: Participating in our referral program offers you a chance to broaden your professional network while earning rewards.

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