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We help startups to hire the most talented people ready to work remotely.


what we do_

We help Startups put together their own distributed team of professionals with the attitude and the talent to be productive and efficient. We ensure that all members of your remote team have the best environment, discipline, tools and enthusiasm to be efficient and meet goals consistently!

why us_

We care about people. We know people, we know their culture. We look for the best candidate for your company and the best company for our candidates: That way we find the perfect match. We help candidates set-up their home office and have a remote-ready environment from the beginning.

Talent pool

Talent pool

We own a database of the most talented candidates, ready to start working as part of your distributed team.

In your timezone

In your timezone

We recruit the best people that are ready and available in most of your working hours.

Recruiting team

Recruiting team

Our team provides you with a fast high-quality recruiting process to quickly find and engage the resources you need.

Startup friendly

Startup friendly

Most of our customers are startups. We know how important it is to make the best decision when hiring people.


ComplimentaryHR services

Training, remote employees follows up, one on one meetings, retrospectives and internal evaluation. We take care of the remote worker's environment, their enthusiasm and commitment to be productive and engaged with your team.

Product managementConsulting

We help you to make informed decisions on your product strategy, define the scope of your MVP and build your agile product backlog according to the user needs, business viability and technical feasibility.


We analyze your current staff and projects to help you define your outsourcing needs as well as complete your team with the most talented people. Your extended team will report directly to your managers.



how to work with us_

To request your registration please click on the “Become a client” button bellow. By filling out Account Management team will work with you to configure your profile, DEEL parameters, and job offers in our platform and make sure the right candidates are presented to fit your needs.


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