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UI Motion Designer - 2d/3d animation

What you will do
The team wants a multidisciplinary senior UI motion designer with experience in 2d/3d animation to join our team on a full-timebasis. We are looking for someone who can translate original concepts into compelling interactive experiences that will resonate with a global audience. This person is an expert in their craft, can adapt to various styles and mediums, and is highly motivated. You will work alongside product and marketing teams to define creative opportunities for motion in our app and on our social networks. Deliver compelling visuals in various styles and mediums such as illustration, 2D, 3D, video, animation or other media (as appropriate). Collaborate live with a multidisciplinary team to implement a creative vision end-to-end. Generate ideas, inspire your teammates, critique respectfully, and be open to feedback. Must be able to meet multiple deadlines, prioritize work, and keep projects moving forward. Communicate complicated technology topics in clear, concise ways to a non-technical audience. Present ideas in a clear and focused way that builds consensus within the team. Collaborate not only within project files, but also in team meetings and brainstorming. Adopt our brand guidelines to keep consistency.

The kind of designer we hire

  • You're a creative person by nature and it drives you. You willingly participate in extracurricular activities outside of work. Music, design, art, writing etc…
  • You take pride in figuring things out and making things work, and once you accept a challenge you enjoy getting into all of the little details and becoming a micro-expert in order to nail it.
  • You can show us cool things you have designed yourself in your own time, and/or a long list of projects you’ve had significant ownership over professionally
  • You are kind, conscientious, thoughtful, cooperative, and communicative.
  • You have found ways of spending time, effort, or money on improving the world in a meaningful way.
  • When we talk to you about something we are building, worrying about, or planning, you quickly understand what we are describing and have productive things to say.
  • You have honed your ability to self-manage, so that when you take on relatively abstract projects you turn them into concrete, sensible plans and bring them to completion -- or if they end up not making sense you realize that quickly and help the team adjust course.
  • You reliably accomplish impressive amounts of important progress on what really matters, whether it’s figuring things out, implementing, educating, or anything else that comes up.
  • You prefer the startup life of challenges, uncertainty, invention, chaos, impact, responsibility, and autonomy, over the big-company life of predictability, bureaucracy, clarity, brand recognition, nice offices, and policy.
  • You have enough relevant experience that you can quickly come to solid plans for how to create whatever you are working on, and your work naturally matches or raises the bar of maintainability/scalability we achieve.
  • You understand and appreciate the importance of helping people cope with hyperinflation, either because you have experienced it yourself at some point in your life, or because you are a curious and empathetic intellectual who dives into understanding such things, and are easily sucked into trying to solve humanitarian problems you encounter.


Basic Qualifications

  • 5+ years of professional experience
  • Experience working on a remote team and are excited and motivated to do so
  • Figma user a BIG PLUS
  • Lottie, Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere), Cinema 4D, Special effects tools and any other 3D programs
  • Solid portfolio of work
  • Motion/Animation, graphic design, traditional art, typography, 2D, 3D skills (multidisciplinary with a focus on motion)
  • Excellent timing and smoothness in motion graphics
  • Expert storytellers
  • Strong developed design process
  • Senior designers, Juniors are considered, but standards are high
  • Understanding of user-centred design, UX principles, best practices and how motion design can improve the user experience
  • Communicate well with team members, including those in different countries.
  • Demonstrate proficiency communicating throughout the design process while formulating high-level motion design frameworks
  • Experience in prototyping and translating UI animations & micro-interactions into specifications for product development
  • Comfortable with a broad range of visual styles, animations and cinematic narratives
  • Candidates with hands on development/programming experience to help bridge the gap between motion work and code will be highly considered