Posted about 6 days

Sr. Software Engineer - MC

Explore. Create. Implement.

We automate buying of ads on Google, Bing and Facebook using Java, MariaDB, Linux, Vue.js, Amazon Web Services and a number of open-source software. 

You will:

Use your Java programming skills to help small businesses find customers by creating, and optimizing Google, Bing and Facebook advertising.


  • Collaborate with product managers on creating feature specifications
  • Design and code the software. Refactor the platform architecture as needed
  • Build and run automated test cases
  • Manually test the software
  • Manage the deployment of new features
  • Work with technical support on addressing on-going client issues
  • Whatever else is needed to get your job done


Experienced engineers will also experiment with new product ideas, and architect solutions from scratch


You Need:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Several years of Java programming experience
  • CS Degree or Relevant experience building great software products 
  • MariaDB, Vue.js, API development experience strongly desired
  • Desire to work in a highly collaborative work environment, including pair programming
  • Facebook API experience highly desirable