Posted about 29 days

Senior Python Engineer


●  Asynchronously handle tasks

●  Develop back-end components and implement designs

●  Participate in the entire software development life cycle of our applications, focusing on delivering high quality, high performing, testable code at a fast pace

●  Collaborate with Front-end Engineers in order to integrate user facing elements with server-side logic

●  Assess and help prioritize feature requests in order to implement new features or improve the functionality of the existing system

●  Mentor more junior developers

Skills & Qualifications

●  Hands-on experience programming in languages like Python and frameworks such as Django/Flask/Tornado

●  Experience working on the back-end of systems which support multiple platforms

●  Understanding of and experience with the entire web application development process

(design, development, and deployment)

●  Knowledge of Object Relational Mapping (ORMs)

●  Good Problem-Solving skills

●  5-10 years of software development experience

●  5+ years of API development experience, preferably on enterprise SaaS platforms

●  Deep experience working with platforms & APIs

●  4+ years of hands-on Python programming experience

●  3+ years of MySQL experience as well as a working knowledge of MongoDB

●  2+ years of working at either an e-commerce company or SaaS startup

●  Ability to work as an independent contributor or in collaboration with a team of engineers who are globally distributed and working in multiple time zones

●  Must be able to communicate proficiently in English, both verbally and in writing

●  2 years of AWS experience preferred

●  Experience with other server-side languages such as NodeJS and Golang is a plus