Posted about 9 days

FullStack Software Engineer

For developing such tools we are looking for a senior full-stack developer who is comfortable developing frontend UI’s and backend services. We’re looking for coders and creators with a refined code sense: people who’ve built cool things, but who can also maintain and scale those things, and who feel proud seeing their code in production. The role requires maintaining existing code and tools as well as iteratively developing additional tools as per the roadmap and new requirements.

The role will provide great opportunities to innovate and come up with tools for unique use cases.


  • Work with Data Scientists to develop tools and features in a rapid and interactive manner.
  • Understand the existing code base and support the current features and frameworks.
  • Work with the product owner and architect to identify the best third-party solutions or libraries as and when required.
  • Ideate and enhance the backlog with new features, aligned to the overall product roadmap.

Experience and Expertise

  • 3-4 years of experience developing web-based products.
  • Proficient in working with databases and creating optimized SQL queries.
  • Comfortable working REST API
  • Proficiency in React for the front-end and back-end experience (e.g. Python, C#). Golang is a plus. 
  • Good design and problem-solving skills.
  • Exposure to the development of frameworks and tools.
  • Comfortable adapting to different languages and tools - exploring what is necessary and most suitable for the problem at hand.