Webstarted and Deel integration

what we do_

We help Startups put together their own distributed team of professionals with the attitude and the talent to be productive and efficient. We ensure that all members of your remote team have the best environment, discipline, tools and enthusiasm to be efficient and meet goals consistently!

why us_

We care about people. We know people, we know their culture. We look for the best candidate for your company and the best company for our candidates: That way we find the perfect match. We help candidates set-up their home office and have a remote-ready environment from the beginning.

integration features_

Highly vetted talents for Deel users, integrated with your existing payroll processes

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Given that Deel is a preferred partner, you'll get access to our vetted talents several days earlier than the rest of the market. We own a database of the most talented candidates, ready to start working as part of your distributed team.

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New talent is incorporated into your existing Deel workflow: contracts will be automatically added to your Deel dashboard, invoices will be sent to you by Deel, and you simply continue to pay Deel directly.

Integration setup

Fully integrated with oAuth, setting up the Webstarted - Deel integration is straightforward.

  • Log into your Webstarted account.
  • Click on the DEEL INTEGRATION button.
  • Grant the necessary permissions on your Deel account.

You can now create contracts from your candidates directly from Webstarted!

how to work with us_

Our platform provides a range of resources and guidance to help you turn your ideas into a successful startup. Whether you're launching a new product or service, or simply looking to grow your existing business, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed. Join our platform today, and gain access to the expertise and support you need to take your business to the next level. By filling out Account Management team will work with you to configure your profile, DEEL parameters, and job offers in our platform and make sure the right candidates are presented to fit your needs.