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Machine Learning Engineering Lead

Technology Expertise/Experience::
● High proficiency in Python. Experience in Golang is a plus.
● Good understanding of data structures and algorithms
● Good design and problem-solving skills
● Experience working with Docker
● Experience working on cloud environments (especially GCP) is also desirable
● Familiarity with common development practices (testing, releasing, Scrum, etc.)


What You’ll Do Here:

●Ensure Delivery and Team Success

●People Management

●Machine Learning Technical Analysis

●Hands-on Support and Participating in Key Stories/Tasks


○Strong technical background - degree in Computer Science

or similar field

○Strong hands-on machine learning experience

○Strong architecture, development experience

○Strong experience bringing models to production

○Strong experience managing data and data pipelines

○Must have at least 10 years of experience in a product

company, ideally SAAS ML

○Excellent analysis capabilities to take ambiguous

problems from co

Experience We’re

Looking For

●The Type of Team Player We Need

●Hands-on with machine learning, data pipeline and

management, and development


Technology - a true Geek at Heart - that keeps

us and enjoys the latest and greatest tech

●Stays current with new technology and trends

●Enjoys being a team lead - helping other succeed

●Driven, ambitious and hard-working (this is not a

9-5 role)

●Has a


of excellence

●Exceptional reliable and predictable


●Organized and takes ownership of project deliveries

●Flexibility to work in a fast moving and ever changing


●Communicate widely and often...but as much as necessary,

and not too much.

●Willing and able to “roll up the sleeves” - jump in

to help colleagues meet project deliveries

●Clear verbal & written communication issues and inspiring

change and continuous improvement

●Able to deal with situations of conflict, ambiguity,

and uncertainty and guide others to do the


●Proactive communicator