Posted about 4 days

Senior Solidity Engineer

We are looking for

  • A technical partner with a strong bias towards action, exceptional urgency, and experience building/scaling products
  • Someone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty (we wear multiple hats here and look exceptional in all of them!)
  • Moves fast. learns quickly. adapts like a chameleon. (it's not survival of the fittest, its survival of the quickest to adapt)
  • Bonus: can set and deliver on their own kpis
  • Someone who understands nothing good comes easy
  • Must be relentless (no = an opportunity for a new proposal)
  • Must be able to explain "why"- ie has thought through decisions thoroughly and can articulate why he has made a decision (additionally can articulate alternate paths with pros/cons)
  • Executor

Qualifications for a Senior Solidity Software Engineer

  • BS, MS or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related quantitative field
  • 4+ years of smart contract development including production deployments of original protocols
  • Extensive knowledge of Solidity and the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)
  • Extensive knowledge of smart contract security and common pitfalls (e.g. you understand the cause of all historical reentrancy attacks and other vulnerabilities)
  • Extensive experience with proper deployment and security practices
  • Experience writing extensive unit and integration tests
  • Extreme attention to detai
  • Auditor/hacker mindset

Responsibilities of a Senior Software Engineer

  • Deliver high quality software that will delight our user
  • Actively participate in defining strategy, roadmap and architecture for the team's products
  • Execute & Hustle

100% remote