Posted about 6 days

Ssr Ruby on Rails + iOS Engineer

At Webstarted, we are looking for a Software Engineer to work full time, long term, in one of our ecommerce clients. By joining the team, you will be working alongside other passionate individuals to solve problems and build software. 

We are looking for an Engineer with +4 years of software experience to help design and implement new features across multiple applications. 

In this role you will:

  • Write and maintain Ruby on Rails code.
  • Write and maintain iOS apps written in Swift (Knowledge of ReSwift or other reactive programming  frameworks is a plus)
  • Write SwiftUI code to develop new applications or modules.
  • Consume APIRest to communicate different backend applications.
  • Identify and fix (or, ideally, avoid) bugs and performance bottlenecks.
  • Support other coworkers and stakeholders in daily operation issues, identify, fix and provide solutions.

We are looking for:

  • Computer Science or similar degree in process.
  • 1+ year of experience in software development with Ruby on Rails.
  • Strong knowledge of backend.
  • 1+ year of experience developing iOS apps
  • Experience consuming APIRest and HTTPS protocols.
  • Some experience with Swift and SwiftUI.
  • Knowledge of relational databases principles, experience using ActiveRecord or other ORM framework. 
  • Experience with PostgreSQL databases is a plus.
  • Knowledge of AWS CloudFormation is a plus.

  • 1 Technical interview(No challenge)
  • 2 Technical interview(No challenge)
  • 3 Interview Cultural Fit