Posted about 6 days

Technical Business Analyst

As part of the efforts for improving the performance of the ASR (automatic speech recognition), we are in need of a Technical Analyst on our team. The main responsibilities for this position can be grouped into three main areas: analysis of ASR performance, operation of tools for production support in the ASR domain and project management. The right candidate should have capability and interest in some light “technical” work - running scripts, moving and managing files, reading log files, triaging issues, running SQL queries, etc. -
and will be responsive and have high bandwidth for the volume of work and active communication that comes with the role.

 Operate tools to incorporate fixes on a sprint basis
 Analyze production logs and triage cause of errors
 Help categorizing errors in different kinds of buckets, according to how we deal with them
 Run and modify scripts for querying ASR to reproduce production issues
 Understand the different mechanisms we currently have for fixing issues
 Help testing and fixing internal tools
 Monitor ASR performance after releasing new features or changes
 Collaborate in different ad hoc analysis

What You'll Bring
 For this role we don’t expect you to have a broad knowledge of ASR or AI but we expect you
to be interested in learning more about those areas.
 Most parts of the system are built in Golang and Python, it’s not a requirement to have prior
working experience in any of these languages but it is required that you have at least some
ability to read and make light modification of python type scripts. Having personal projects
based on Python is a plus. Also, having experience in analytical activities is a requirement.
 Finally, this position requires some manual activities like operating tools, some analytical
activities like triaging different kind of errors and some coding tasks. Multi-tasking is a must!
 Experience: 3+ years. This is a tremendous opportunity for learning and growth with a great
set of colleagues. The right candidate will be ambitious, hard working, flexible and eager to