Posted about 10 days

Front End Developer

We are looking for a mid-senior front-end or full-stack developer with deep understanding of JavaScript, TypeScript, and React fundamentals.


Solid experience with Next.js and TailwindCSS

Strong understanding in types and Typescript

Experience in working with functional components, static and server side pages, and dynamic pages.

Experience building scalable codebases

Ability to take ownership of projects and work independently.

Experience with a JS testing framework (preferably Jest)

Ability to work in a scrum-board like environment

Experience and understanding of npm, package management and building/maintaining packages

Nice to have:

Ability to design UI/UX

Experience with OpenAPI (Swagger)

Experience in Chrome Extension development

Experience in DOM APIs and Manipulation/Automation

 What you will do:

Work closely with designers and developers to build end-to-end features

Work on building new components, pages, and features on our frontend server

Work on building packages in Typescript to bundle shared utility and code across packages

  • 1 Behavioral/intro call
  • 2 Practical assessment/small take home project