Posted about 9 days

Systems Engineer - CA

About This Role:
We are looking for a passionate and creative software engineer to work in a collaborative 
environment on our Engineering team.
For this role, we are looking for software engineers with strong analytical skills who are 
passionate about Systems/DevOps and Software Development, best practices, operations, and 
optimizations. The ideal candidate has a strong background in systems architecture and software
development, complemented by a significant amount of experience working with deployment 
automation, continuous integration, and packaging. 
They have multiple years of systems and software development experience and have released, 
supported, and scaled production systems. They have experience or understanding of what it 
means to implement infrastructure-as-code, ideally using Terraform/Terragrunt and SaltStack. 
They have a continuous growth mindset, a strong desire to research and learn, as well as an 
ability to help define our technology roadmap.

● Develop code, tests, and deployment automation
● Write documentation as well as functional tests and deployment tests
● Perform code, architecture, and systems reviews within and outside the team
● Deploy systems to cloud environments using automation tools
● Handle all aspects of Linux server management
● Create a philosophy around monitoring and alerting, implement it, and continuously tune 
the thresholds
● Provide support for multiple application and database servers
● Debug ambiguous failures in infrastructure and bring them to resolution with fellow 
● Respond to and deploy security updates and develop solutions to address vulnerabilities
● Provide off-hours support on a rotating schedule and as-needed
● Research and integrate emerging technologies
● Work collaboratively and pair program with the team

Required Skills
● Experience with deploying to cloud platforms (e.g. AWS or Google Cloud)
● Experience with deployment automation (Terraform, Terragrunt, SaltStack, Ansible, or 
● Programming experience in one or more languages: Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, JavaScript
● Experience with Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RedHat) or BSD systems
● Practical hands-on SQL knowledge (PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, or similar)
● Demonstrate a functional understanding of basic networking, TCP/IP Protocols, DHCP
● Comfortable with the Linux (or BSD) command line and intermediate Bash scripting
● DevOps skills with focus in CI/CD, testing, benchmarking, monitoring, and security
● Ability to mentor developers and lead projects of medium to high complexity
Required Experience
● Systems Engineering: 5-8 years designing, deploying, and maintaining complex 
infrastructure via automation
● Software Engineering: 3 - 5 years of designing and developing complex applications
● Linux: 4 - 6 years experience managing and deploying applications and databases to Linux
servers (e.g. Debian/Ubuntu)
● AWS Cloud: 1+ years of professional hands on experience
Opportunities for Growth and Learning

● Assigned mentors help you to learn new skills
● Team-run classes on variety of tech training (i.e. systems administration, programming 
● Conferences and training