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Finance Director


  • Plan, organize, and execute financial tasks and projects of the organization.
  • Develop and implement plans for budgeting, forecasting, and reporting for the short and long-term financial objectives of the organization.
  • Provide financial insight and analysis to drive the business performance of the organization.
  • Manage and monitor metrics, KPI tracking, and reports.
  • Evaluate the financial performance of the organization and measure returns on investments.
  • Conducting risk management.
  • Understand, conduct and calculate the risks involved in the financial activities of the organization.
  • Recommending and managing cost reduction strategies.
  • Reporting to stakeholders, leadership and investors/board
  • Manage treasury/cash flow
  • Audit and control tax functions.
  • Developing and implementing accounting policies.


  • Bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or related field.
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in financial management.
  • Solid understanding of financial management and accounting.
  • Knowledge of accounting softwares.
  • Broad knowledge of GAAP.
  • Strong analytical and decision-making abilities.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • An analytical mind with good organizational skills.
  • Outstanding leadership skills.