Posted about 4 days

Backend Software Engineer

We’re very excited about you if:

  • You reliably accomplish impressive amounts of progress on what really matters, whether it’s figuring things out, implementing, educating, evaluating new team members, or anything else that comes up.
  • You take pride in figuring things out and making things work, and once you accept a challenge you enjoy getting into all of the little details and becoming a micro-expert in order to nail it.
  • You can show us cool things you have built yourself in your own time or a long list of projects with significant professional ownership related to the work we are doing.
  • You’ve honed your ability to self-manage, so that when you take on relatively abstract projects you turn them into concrete, sensible plans and bring them to completion -- or if they end up not making sense, you realize that quickly and help the team adjust course.
  • You prefer the startup life of challenges, uncertainty, invention, chaos, impact, responsibility, and autonomy.
  • You are kind, conscientious, thoughtful, and communicative.
  • You have a vested interest in advancing Reserve’s vision of financial inclusion for all.

Kinds of things you might work on:

  • Optimize our system for scaling
  • Work with front-end engineers and build the back-end infrastructure for new customer-facing features
  • Enhance the tooling supporting our Compliance/AML/Fraud teams
  • Maintain, expand, and improve our connections to the world of traditional Fintech (banking)
  • Create bridges between our system and the broader world of crypto/web3

What you need:

  • Strong python skills
  • Experience with SQL databases
  • 2+ years of server or API development experience

You stand out if you:

  • Are proficient or fluent in Spanish
  • Have experience with React / React Native
  • Understand or have some experience working with some basic economic/fintech concepts
  • Get excited about DevOps
  • Are excited about crypto

In a nutshell:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion are a priority for us – if we want to expand financial inclusion for people around the world, our team has to represent our customers.
  • Location: anywhere, we are fully remote.
  • Working Hours: we offer flexible working hours and trust you to work enough hours to do your job well, at times that suit you and your team.
  • Compensation: for the right candidate, we will match any offer, and can offer full cash or include upside in RSR tokens.
  • Stability: our long runway offers high job security
  • Language: English full professional proficiency required, bilingual proficiency in Spanish is a plus.

If this sounds exciting to you, we would love to hear from you!