Posted about 7 days

Test Automation Engineer

Required Skills:

●  C++

●  Python

●  Pytest

●  Linux

●  Windows

●  Visual Studio

●  Jenkins

●  SQL (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL and ODBC)

●  Experience with version control software

●  NAS


●  5 years of experience as a test engineer

●  1 year of C++ job experience preferred

●  2 years of Python job experience

●  1 year of job experience with pytests

●  1 year of experience with SQL is preferred

●  1 year of experience with REST APIs

●  Experience with SSE is preferred.

●  Proficient in Linux and Windows

●  Experience with building and debugging in Visual Studio is preferred

●  A working knowledge of validating and debugging GUIs produced in QT is


●  Ability to configure and maintain a Jenkins server for automated testing

Other Skills:

  •  Ability to work on tasks and projects individually or as part of a team
  • Ability to communicate effectively and tactfully with customers, engineering team members, and sales team members
  •  Self-disciplined and self-motivated
  • Demonstrated aptitude for learning new technologies and applying sound development principles
  • Comfortable working in a small-team, entrepreneurial environment
  •  Flexible and able to take on different tasks as required