Posted about 8 days

Sr. Backend Software Engineer

From an engineering standpoint, you will need to be able to implement new features, as well as understand, work with, and refactor existing code. We are looking for someone that prefers to solve problems in the best way instead of the quickest way, and is comfortable enough with development to solve problems on their own. Attention to detail is a must.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements

●  Extensive experience working with Ruby and on Rails projects.

●  Extensive experience with REST and GraphQL API development and consumption

●  Experience writing tests to support your work, e.g. with rspec.

●  Proficiency with relational databases and SQL (Postgres preferred but not required)

●  Proficiency with non-relational databases such as Redis

●  Ability to implement responsive designs and work closely with our designers

●  Proficiency working with git version control

●  Ability and interest to act as technical lead on projects

●  Reviewing pull requests and offering technical insight and improvements

●  Experience with and focus on production APM and log aggregation

Nice to Have

●  Some experience with frontend development

●  Experience with Elasticsearch

●  Experience working with Shopify or any other e-commerce platform, or experience working with

technology integration in a retail commerce setting.

●  Experience working with languages other than Ruby that could bring value to our platform.

●  Experience working on content management systems

●  Some knowledge of performance optimization, either at a language or a system level