Posted about 19 days

Machine Learning Operations (MLops)


  • Be the technical product owner for the data pipeline, evaluation/benchmarking and monitoring tools working closely with Data Scientists to support their needs
  • Design and develop Infrastructure for MlOps, including data pipelines, model serving/versioning and monitoring.
  • Design and develop Benchmarking and Evaluation Tools
  • Support the NLP team in building proof of concepts (POC)
  • Build, operationalize and help take POCs to production
  • Support ML Ops and Production Support as required

Technology Expertise

  • Strong experience with MLOps - With a focus in building and managing data pipelines.
  • Strong software engineering, data management skills.
  • Strong proficiency in Python or Scala. Golang is a plus.
  • Experience building scalable services.
  • Good design and problem solving skills.
  • Experience working with cloud infrastructure (GCP, AWS, Azure)
  • Experience working with docker/containers, and/or Kubernetes.
  • Strong with SQL and/or NoSQL databases.
  • Experience designing and creating APIs. Flask or FastAPI knowledge is a plus.