Posted about 23 days

Power User Profile

A Power user should have the following skills:

Must have:

■ Understand how a website is built / how the internet works / what is possible and not possible to do on a website

■ CSS properties and what they do (padding, margin, etc)

■ Different types of links

■How conditions work (If this, then that)

■How states work (what is a hover state)

■ Must know responsive web design best practices

■ Visually orientated. They should be able to accurately translate mockups and existing sites in the front end builder

■ Think from an end user-perspective

■Organizing the folder and pages structure

■Thinking through how a user will edit the site that they are building


Nice to have:

■ Experience in WYSIWYG page builders

■ Knowledge of front-end development best practices

■ Portfolio of Webflow projects

■ eCommerce Web Design Experience

■ Design skills

■ Knowledge of Shopify and App ecosystem

■ Experience in Web Design