Posted about 5 days

Operations Engineer / Sys Admin

What You’ll Do Here:
● Diagnose and Document production issues and act as escalation support for customer service
● Design, configure, deploy, monitor, and maintain cloud and distributed client services in AWS
and Azure DevOps

Experience We’re Looking For:
● Cloud microservice structuring and deployment experience in AWS/Azure
● Design experience with service and database vertical and lateral scaling
● Service monitoring with CloudWatch, Elastic, Kibana
● Android app deployment and OS servicing model
● REST Based Web Services (managing both services and clients of services)
● Database driven applications in .NET
● Familiarity with C#, Javascript, Python and whitebox debugging
● Testing of APIs using Postman, JMeter, Karate
● Git branching strategies
● CI/CD environments
● Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes
● AWS, Azure
● MongoDB/NoSQL Database